E-Mobility for public transport: #EnelFocusOn returns to Chile

Published on Thursday, 17 January 2019

The electrification of public transport is a wonderful opportunity for mobility, the environment and health. This is the subject chosen for the new #EnelFocusOn, which returns to Santiago, Chile on 25 January, with live streaming beginning at 12.00 noon  local time.

The event’s keynote speaker will be Monica Araya, vice-chairperson of the board of the e-Mobility Association of Costa Rica, a state which aims to become the world’s first zero-emission nation, and co-founder of Costa Rica Limpia, a group promoting renewable energy sources and e-Mobility. She will be joined by Simone Tripepi, head of Enel X South America, and a selected panel of influencers and experts from around the world.

The choice of Santiago is a deliberate one – in the Chilean capital city our Group has formed a close partnership with Metbus, the city’s public transport company, to supply 100 electric buses that are changing the face of mobility in the metropolis. This is also generating huge environmental benefits – Chile now operates South America’s largest e-bus fleet. 

This will be the 13th #EnelFocusOn, and the second in Santiago.

The event has also been held in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Rome, London, Goiânia, Madrid and Bucharest.

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