Welcome to Enel: training our new employees

Published on Friday, 12 July 2019

The recruits also visited the control room in our Rome headquarters and the Operational Training Centre in L'Aquila, as well as enjoying a trip to the MAXXI (the national museum of 21st century art) and an evening concert. Silvia Valsecchi, Head of People Empowering Training and organising coordinator, maintains that all of these activities help build a sense of inclusion for everyone involved. Because the aim of the event was first and foremost to introduce the participants not just to the company but to each other so they could share personal experiences and viewpoints, spend pleasant times together that will make great memories, and network.

The training programme will now continue in the individual local branches over a six-month period, at the end of which the 70 young graduates will meet again – even though this time it will be partly virtually – to continue working together.

Enthusiasm and team spirit

The recruits’ impressions tuned in perfectly with the organisers’: all felt that meeting new people from all over the world was pivotal. “It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often” was the widespread consensus. They were co-workers from distant lands but also from the same countries or even the same city that had never met before. 

Participants who had previously only worked in their home countries got an overall vision of the Group thanks to their visit to the main headquarters. Others developed a better understanding of certain aspects in which they had no particular expertise, such as finance. Others still felt that seeing top executives (whom they had previously only known by name) in the flesh was significant. All, however, liked the fact that the Group spoke to some many different people from so many different backgrounds in the same language: a sign that the aim of standardising the training had succeeded and been welcomed by the participants.

The way the event was organised and its inclusive inspiration was also much appreciated: “I chose to work in Enel because it is a prestigious company. But the main reason I will stay is the welcome I have received,” said one new hire. Her conclusion would be a source of joy to any organisation: “There is nothing nicer for a young person than to feel that the company is investing in you, including in terms of time.”