A promising step towards the creation of a trans-national energy transport network for the Balkans
Milan, March 15, 2002 - The South East Europe Energy Forum organized by Enelpower, the Enel group’s construction and engineering company, ended today. The forum brought together high-level authorities from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Rumania and Albania to discuss the potential for development of the energy sector in South East Europe. The forum included, among others, the participation of Bulgaria’s Energy Minister Milko Kovachev; Turkey’s Energy Minister Zeki Cakan; Albania’s Energy Minister Viktor Doda and Robert McFarlane, the former security adviser to US president Ronald Reagan. Discussions highlighted the Balkan area’s potential, the political willingness and the industrial representatives’ interest in the creation of a trans-national network for the transport and supply of energy. The Balkan infrastructures and pool are destined to become an integral part of the European system. Forum duscussions also noted the importance which South East Europe could acquire in the coming years in the energy sector as an alternative to the Gulf. Particular attention was given to security issues linked to the infrastructure and risk management associated with the financing of development projects in the area. Enelpower Chief Executive Luigi Giuffrida said: "The forum constituted a platform for high-level discussion which, judging from the interest of the delegation members, was waiting to happen. During the discussions it became clear to all that a trans-national network is fundamental for the development of the region’s enormous potential"

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