Rome, July 11, 2002 - Enel.si, the Enel group's electricity systems unit, and Honeywell, the world leader in automation and facility environment control, have signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution, through Enel.si outlets, of the Hometronic Kit. This innovative, intelligent system, developed by Honeywell, permits the control and programming, even remote, of airconditioners, security systems and lighting, and the opening and closing of windows and blinds, by cell phone. Hometronic is a system that doesn't require cabling. It is modular and can, therefore, be enlarged at any moment. The three different kits created by Honeywell exclusively for Enel.si outlets are: -comfort basic, -comfort advance, -comfort & security expressly conceived to provide an ideal response to all needs. The Enel.si outlets, located thoughout Italy, offer a wide range of innovative services and products for families and companies, in the area of electricity systems, environmental temperature control, security, the efficient use of energy and, from today, also domestic automation. Enel.si guarantees deep level planning consultancy, transparency in cost quotation, speedy service, as well as a high level of professionalism.

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