Enel.si embarks on new advertising campaign devised by J.W. Thompson. Testimonials provided by Gerry Scotti and Emanuela Folliero
Rome, October 28, 2002 – Enel.si, the Enel Group company that specialises in electrical maintenance, security and comfort, today launched the Enel.sicura Card in three formulas, Basic, Premium and Business. The new card provides access to 24-hour, 365-day emergency assistance from electricians, plumbers and locksmiths. Moreover, depending on the formula chosen, cardholders can request emergency assistance from a doctor or an ambulance, as well as security services. The card will be available from all participating stores in Enel.si’s 550-strong country-wide network, due to become 2,500 in number by the end of 2004. Until December 31, the Basic card will be given free to anyone who spends over 49 euros. The new Enel.sicura card and all the services, linked to electrical maintenance and anti-intrusion security systems, offered by Enel.si’s network will be featured in Enel.si’s new advertising campaign, “il tuo elettricista di fiducia” (“your trusted electrician”), being launched today. The campaign, devised by J.W. Thompson and creative director Paolo Ronchi, will include television, press and radio adverts. A series of tele-promotions will focus on two star testimonials: Gerry Scotti and Emanuela Folliero. The campaign will make its TV debut this evening on Channel 5 during the "Passaparola" show, involving an initial series of tele-promotions due to run until November 2. During the adverts, Gerry Scotti will be seen at home with his trusted electrician. A second block of tele-promotions will run from November 10 to 24 during "Chi vuole essere milionario" and will again feature Gerry Scotti in an Enel.si store with his by now inseparable "electrician friend", ready to resolve the domestic needs of a couple of customers. The tele-promotions will also have another star testimonial in the form of the lovely Emanuela Folliero who, in introducing Channel 4’s nightly feature film, “I Bellissimi di Rete 4”, will over two weeks talk us through all the services offered by Enel.si. The press campaign will run through November and December, and will involve national and local daily publications, periodicals and trade papers. The radio adverts will be aired on the RAI channels, Radio 24 and the principal commercial networks from November 3 to 30. The new advertising campaign and the Enel.sicura card were presented during the first meeting of Enel.si franchisees, entitled “Energie da vendere”, held in two sessions last October 22 and 26, and attended by the over 800 businesspeople who have joined the Enel.si network.

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