The Italian electricity company, through its US unit Chi Energy, will supply wind-derived energy to power the traditional New Year's Eve ceremony in Times Square.
Rome, December 30, 2002 - The great illuminated billboard that counts down the final moments of 2002 and the giant illuminated ball which, at the stroke of midnight on December 31, descends onto the crowd gathered in Times Square, in the heart of New York, will be powered with "green" energy from Enel. The electricity will be produced by Chi Energy, Enel's U.S. unit which owns a 30 MW wind farm at Fenner in New York state. Chi Energy has supplied the necessary green certificates to a subsidiary of ConEd, the company which manages the illumination of the US metropolis. Enel is the world leader in the production of energy from renewable energy with 2,560 MW of installed capacity: 600MW geothermal, 131 MW wind, 25 MW biomass, and 4 MW photovoltaic. That's enough to satisfy the energy needs of 4 million families and to spare the burning of 1.8 million tons of hydrocarbon fuels per year, thus reducing output of greenhouse gases by 5.3 million tons. Enel is active in renewable energy in Italy with 33 geothermal plants, 7 wind farms, 282 hydroelectric plants and 3 photovoltaic plants, including one of the world's largest. In North America, Enel operates through Chi Energy, which as well as the plant at Fenner, has a biomass plant in Canada, 56 mini-hydro plants in the country's north-west with a capacity of about 180 MW. In Latin America, Enel is active in renewable energy through Energia Global International. On the American continent, Enel is present in 14 states of the USA, in Canada, and in some Latin American countries, managing a total of 90 plants. Enel's commitment to renewable energy this year earned it the Global Energy Award, a prestigious international prize awarded by Business Week and Platt's.

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