A charge of new energy to improve the quality of the service and rejuvenate the company.

Rome, July 9, 2003

– Enel has approved a plan to employ 1,500 young people to balance the company’s age profile and enrich the quality of the service. The plan calls for new hires, based on a work-training contract for workers and technicians, within the next 18 months. In particular, the new resources will strengthen the distribution network. This signals a reversal of the trend towards staff reductions at Enel over the last few years and was welcomed by unions.

Enel chief executive Paolo Scaroni said: "I am very happy with the agreement. The arrival of new resources, with the enthusiasm and eagerness to work of the young, is important for Enel. It will be a charge of new energy to meet the challenges of the open market. Our primary objective is to improve the quality of the service and satisfy our customers. These 1,500 young people will help us greatly in reaching the targets of excellence we have set ourselves."

The employment plan is the most important element of the Protocol signed today by Enel and sector unions (Fnle, Cgil – Flaei, Cisl – Uilcem, Uil). Each year, the two groups will jointly monitor the number of employees according to agreed criteria and methods, with the aim of maintaining the key activities of the production cycle and achieving the efficiency and excellence which are the companies main goals.

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