Rome, 25 November 2005 – In implementation of the decision of the Board of Directors meeting on 9 November last, Enel CEO Fulvio Conti today has launched our new organisational structure, which envisages the creation of an International Division that will include all the Group’s resources devoted to generation and distribution activities abroad, which had previously been divided among other divisions. It also confirmed the rest of the new divisional structure, which will include the Domestic Sales Division, the Domestic Infrastructure and Networks Division and the Domestic Generation and Energy Management Division.

The International Division’s mission is to support Enel’s international growth strategy, which will require a strengthening of skills in research, analysis and identification of opportunities for acquisitions as well as in managing and integrating foreign operations in the electricity and gas markets.

The Domestic Sales Division will operate in the end-user market for electricity and gas in Italy, developing an integrated package of products and services for the various customer segments and ensuring that commercial services meet quality standards.

The mission of the Domestic Infrastructure and Networks Division is to distribute electricity and gas in Italy, optimizing the management of Enel’s networks and ensuring the efficient operation of measurement systems (remote management) and compliance with technical service quality standards.

The Domestic Generation and Energy Management Division is responsible for generating power at competitive costs while safeguarding the environment. It is completing the reconversion and modernisation of Enel’s power stations in order to implement a more balanced, secure and efficient mix of fuels that shelters Enel from price and supply risk for hydrocarbon fuels and substantially reduces emissions.

Fulvio Conti, Enel CEO, will oversee the International Division “ad interim” and he will be still supported by Andrea Brentan for Business Development and M&A activities. The Domestic Sales Division will be headed Francesco Starace, previously in charge of the power business area, while the Domestic Infrastructure and Networks Division will be run by Livio Gallo, previously head of the electricity network business area. Sandro Fontecedro remains as head of the Domestic Generation and Energy Management Division. The reorganisation will also involve the transfer of the corporate strategy function to the Institutional and Regulatory Affairs Department, headed by Massimo Romano.

Vincenzo Cannatelli, Chief Operating Officer of the Market, Infrastructure and Networks Divisions, will step down with effect from the end of the year to pursue new professional opportunities. The Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer also on behalf of the rest of the Board warmly thanked Mr. Cannatelli for the results achieved first in managing the generation companies slated for disposal and then in electricity and gas distribution, making a major contribution to Enel’s success in recent years.


Fontecedro gained his professional experience in the engineering and design of thermal power plants in the Generation and Transmission Department (later Enel Produzione SpA). Since 15 December, 2003 he has headed the Generation and Energy Management Division.

Livio GALLO, 55
Before joining Enel SpA, Gallo worked with a leading group active in the industrial and energy markets in Italy and abroad. Since 1999 he has held management positions in the market and sales areas of Eurogen SpA and Enel Distribuzione SpA. From 1 July, 2004 he has headed the electricity network business area of the Infrastructure and Networks Division.

Francesco STARACE, 50
Since 1983 Starace has worked in design, engineering and construction for companies operating in the energy and large infrastructure markets in Italy and abroad. He has been with Enel as the head of the power business area of the Generation and Energy Management Division since 2000, the year it was set up.

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