• After 7 years Enel rejoins the club of major operators in the nuclear power industry thanks to its acquisition of Slovenske Elektrarne.
  • The WANO offers its members up-to-date global experience and knowledge on the safe operation of nuclear power plants

Rome, 25 October 2006 – Enel has become a member of the World Association of Nuclear Operators. For Enel the event actually represents a return, since the company had already been a member of the Association from its establishment until 1999, the year in which the operation of Italy’s nuclear power plants was transferred to Sogin, the public entity responsible for handling their decommissioning.

In June this year Enel officially submitted its application for membership in the WANO, which was approved on 5 October by the Governing Board of the Paris Regional Centre and subsequently ratified by the general Governing Board at its meeting in Quebec, Canada, on 18 and 19 October.

“The WANO provides nuclear operators with a forum for learning to one another and cooperating with a view to raising the performance of all to the level of the best. The search for excellence in the operation of one’s nuclear assets is entirely in harmony with Enel’s policy and was the primary motivation for our application to join the Association. Moreover, our acceptance in the WANO represents an acknowledgment of the positive contribution that Enel can make to this prestigious organisation” remarked Giancarlo Aquilanti, head of nuclear skills development at Enel.

Membership in WANO gives Enel access to the experience and knowledge of all its members and to a broad range of services:
* “peer reviews”of management systems and the organisational, technical and operational aspects of nuclear power plants for assessing and improvingsafety and reliability performances;
* access to Operating Experience feed-backs and to the recommendations for the continuous improvement of safety standards;
* access to technical support and exchange;
* access to a comprehensive professional and technical development programme for management and operators.

All of the world’s nuclear power plant operators are members of the WANO. They are grouped into four regional centres: Atlanta (United States, Canada and Romania), Paris (Western Europe, Brazil, China and Argentina), Moscow (Russia and Eastern Europe) and Tokyo (Asia). The activities of the regional centres are supervised at the world level by the Coordinating Centre in London.

Enel operates nuclear power plants in the Slovak Republic through its Slovenske Elektrarne subsidiary, which has also been a WANO member since its establishment.

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