In order to enable stakeholders to convey their views, Enel has developed a new online tool to measure stakeholder positions on company strategies in 24 areas and solicit solutions that might narrow any divergences.

Rome, 19 June 2007 - Enel confirms its commitment to its stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, institutions, associations and the communities in which it operates) with an innovative tool designed to involve them directly, asking for their views on 24 “hot issues”. It’s called the Sustainability Meter and can be accessed through the revamped sustainability section of Enel’s portal at http://www.enel.it/azienda/sostenibilita/, then clicking on "Sustainability Meter", or going directly to http://csrmeter.palomarlab.net/

Social, environmental and economic issues are the three facets of sustainability. By expressing their degree of agreement on the issues involved, stakeholders position themselves on a chart that enables them to compare their stance with Enel’s own position. Moreover, Enel also uses the Sustainability Meter to ask stakeholders to suggest solutions that might narrow any divergences.

Company strategies, development plans and stakeholder expectations can thereby converge, eliminating the often unbridgeable divide that so often separates stakeholders and companies. This new tool, which involves the general public in a permanent conversation, is an expression of Enel’s innovative approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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