Two new wind projects on high output sites for the Enel Group’s company dedicated to develop renewables globally, thanks to an agreement signed with Micropower, a company specialized in the construction of renewable plants in Italy

Rome, November 9th  2009 - Enel Green Power acquired a majority stake in two wind power projects in the region of Calabria, for a total installed capacity of 64 MW.

The two plants, already fully authorizations, will be constructed in the Municipalities of Maida, Cortale (56 MW) and San Floro (8 MW) in the Province of Catanzaro – both of which are high wind power output areas – and will become operational in 2010.

Once into service, the two plants will generate around 150 million kWh, sufficient to meet the power needs of around 60,000 households, avoiding the annual emission of more than 110,000 tons CO2.

The deal was signed with Micropower, a company with a successful track record in the wind, solar, biomass and biogas industries in Italy. The company operates 14 MW wind power and has a pipeline of over 200 MW at an advanced stage of development.

Established in December 2008, Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company dedicated to developing and managing worldwide energy generation from renewable sources in Europe and on the American continent. Enel Green Power is Europe’s industry leader with 17.2 billion kWh generated from water, sun, wind, and the heat of the earth, sufficient to meet the power needs of around 6.5 million households and avoid 13 million tons CO2  emissions every year. The company’s installed capacity exceeds 4,500 MW and is generated by over 500 wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass plants in operation around the globe.

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