Rome, December 2nd, 2009 – Just one week after the launch of www.e-mobilityitaly.it, 750 Italians have already applied to become the first customers of the smart-Enel project: 100 “electric drivers” who will be able to charge up their smart cars in Rome, Pisa or Milan at any of the 400 new intelligent recharging facilities introduced by Enel.
The site has had more than 8,600 hits, demonstrating the widespread concern for the environment and a passion for innovation.
www.e-mobilityitaly.it, launched on November 24th, is the dedicated website for a campaign that is officially underway to select the first 100 drivers to travel in electric cars starting next year, as part of the project of the same name launched by smart and Enel in December 2008.

The vehicles used in the e-mobility Italy project – available at an exceptional monthly charge of €400 + VAT, including hire, standard maintenance and a warranty for the duration of the 48 month project – will be electric drive smart fortwos, with 30 kW (41 hp) “zero emission” electric motors, equipped with an innovative 17kWh lithium-ion battery by Tesla Motors inc., guaranteeing a range of at least 135 km. The maximum speed, adapted for town use and driving on fast roads, is 100 km/h.

The recharging conditions are also very attractive: Enel guarantees everyone will be able to recharge the car to suit their own various different lifestyles and requirements. A handy smart box for connecting and charging the car will be installed, either in drivers’ private garages or in the parking area of their place of work, while other recharging points will be located in areas which are easy to reach within the project’s three cities.
Additionally, for only 25 euros a month, inclusive of VAT and tax, drivers will be able to “fill up” with an unlimited amount of “clean” electricity at all of Enel’s recharging facilities both at home as well as in public places. This flat rate special offer includes all costs for installation and connection and the energy supplied will be certified by the RECS, an international certificate system which was established to finance the development of renewable energy resources.

Statistics for www.e-mobilityItaly.it, in brief:
8,623 visitors
37,757 pages visited
4.38 pages visted, on average
3.13 minutes on average, spent on the site
881 registrations / details filled in
750 registrations / questionnaires filled in
605 subscriptions to the newsletter

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