New 30 MW Salbatica I wind farm to enter into operation. It joins Agighiol, EGP's first wind farm in EGP, opened last December, to bring the company's total installed wind capacity in Romania to 64 MW.

Rome, January 17th, 2011 – Today the new Enel Green Power wind farm, Salbatica I, will begin operation in Romania near Tulcea (North Dobrogea).

Its total capacity of 30 MW will be generated by fifteen 2 MW Gamesa wind turbines (model G-90).

Its estimated annual production of about 85.5 million kWh will be able to meet the needs of 29 thousand households and avoid the emission of about 48 thousand metric tons of CO2 per year.
Salbatica joins the Agighiol wind farm, opened by Enel Green Power in Romania last December.
With a total installed capacity of 64 MW, the two plants will generate more than 180 million kWh per year, meeting the needs of 64 thousand households and saving about 120 thousand metric tons in CO2 emissions.

"With Salbatica we are doubling in a month's time our wind power production in Romania, a journey that began last December with the opening of the Agighiol plant," commented Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel Green Power, "Our energy generation in the country will continue to expand at a rapid clip over the next two years, thanks to the many projects that are close to implementation."

Among the renewable sources, wind is the most promising technology for electricity generation in Romania. In fact the installed wind capacity in the country, expected to rise from 14 MW in 2009 to 600 MW by the end of 2010, will reach approximately 3,600 MW in 2015.

The Enel Group, which has been operating in Romania since 2005, is currently the largest private investor in the power industry, with 5,000 employees and a 93 thousand km network that serves approximately 2.6 million customers.

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