Under the leadership of Fulvio Conti, the company is the second group in the world to have been admitted to the index run by the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Times on the grounds of its compliance with a set of rigorous criteria relating to transparency and safety in its management of nuclear activities. Admission to the London indices is an achievement to be added to the Enel Group’s presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, therefore completing the Group’s involvement with all of the world’s most significant sustainability indexes.
Rome, March 14th, 2011 – The Enel Group was today admitted to the prestigious FTSE4Good index, which measures corporate behaviour relating to environmental sustainability, relationships with stakeholders, respect for human rights, the quality of labour conditions and the way companies combat corruption. This achievement completes Enel’s membership to the world’s major sustainability indices measuring corporate responsibility standards. The Enel Group has been a member of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability STOXX Index and the selective Dow Jones World index for seven years. The FTSE4Good, managed by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange, excluded companies involved in generating nuclear power until 2010. That was why, having previously been included in the index, Enel was excluded in 2007 after taking over Slovenské Elektràrne. In 2010 the FTSE4Good agreed to consider admitting companies involved in nuclear power generation as long as they complied with a series of rigorous criteria. Among the many commitments made to comply with the index’s criteria, Enel guarantees that a clear nuclear safety policy has been adopted at its nuclear plants and that these plants are managed in accordance with the necessary criteria to make sure that the number one priority at these sites is the safety and protection of employees, the general public and the environment. It is also committed to promoting excellence in all activities carried out at the plants, following a philosophy that goes one step further than simply complying with applicable standards, and to making sure that management policies are implemented that incorporate the principles of ongoing improvement and safe risk management. Last but not least, Enel is committed to maintaining its policy of cooperation with all other operators in the industry around the world when it comes to nuclear safety.

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