Stockholm, June 13th, 2011 - Fulvio Conti, CEO and General Manager of Enel, has been elected President of Eurelectric, the European power sector association. The election took place at yesterday’s meeting of Eurelectric’s Board of Directors, on the sidelines of the association’s Annual Conference in Stockholm.

“Ensuring sound and sufficient investment in Europe’s energy technologies and infrastructure will be crucial to deliver a secure, affordable, low-carbon electricity supply for Europe’s citizens in the coming decades” Eurelectric President Fulvio Conti stated during the press conference. “These investments require two things: a stable and predictable long-term regulatory framework and a level playing field for markets to allow and reward efficient innovative projects.”

Eurelectric’s Board of Directors also appointed Tomasz Zadroga, President and CEO of Polish energy group PGE, as second Eurelectric Vice President. Both Mr Conti and Mr Zadroga will take up their duties as from today, joining Eurelectric Vice President Dr Johannes Teyssen (CEO of E.ON) who was elected last year.

Eurelectric is the association representing the European power sector’s interests along its entire value chain: generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity. Eurelectric groups the national electricity associations, where such a body exists, or the leading electricity enterprises in each country.  Currently there are 33 Full Members, including all 27 EU Member States, current applicants negotiating to join the Community, plus other European OECD countries.
Eurelectric also currently has 22 non-voting Affiliate Members representing the power industry across the rest of Europe, in the Mediterranean basin and on the other continents. Full members and observers representing European and Mediterranean affiliates have a seat in the Board of Directors, the association’s supreme decisional body. Membership is completed by 12 associate members, drawn from the power sector, plus 24 business associates from other sectors with stakeholder links to or interest in the power industry.

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