The polytechnic university and the power company will be working together on joint national and international projects and on research and training in the field of the generation and distribution of electricity from both traditional and renewable sources.

Rome-Milan, November 19th, 2013 – Simone Mori, Director of Regulatory, Environment and Innovation at the Enel Group, and Giovanni Azzone, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano (Milan’s polytechnic university), have signed a framework agreement for a scientific partnership working on areas of common interest linked to the energy sector.
The agreement, which is due to run for two years, makes it possible to devise joint projects for national and international calls for tenders together with research activities and training initiatives involving scenario analysis, studies on environmental and social sustainability, as well as technological and other specialist studies.

The macro-themes include increasing the operating flexibility and efficiency of traditional generating plants; business opportunities linked to achieving grid parity for renewable sources; distributed generation and integrating renewables into the electric system; smart grid development and energy-efficiency linked technologies targeting the creation of new services for end-users.

“The whole world of energy is undergoing a profound process of transformation, imposing new business models that give customers an active role”, stated Fulvio Conti, Enel CEO and General Manager. “It therefore becomes essential for utilities to remain at the helm in the face of technological evolution and new market trends. Technological innovation is the key factor in providing a rapid response to future challenges. Backed by our vast wealth of technical skills and ample geographical and cultural diversification, with few equals worldwide, Enel continues to invest in research and innovation, with a focus not only on environmental issues but also on providing new value-added services to our customers”.

On the subject of training, new knowledge-transfer opportunities are planned for further in-depth study of specific subjects linked to areas of common interest that may take the form of training courses, support for university degree dissertations, including Ph.D theses, as well as participation in themed workshops held on either Enel or the polytechnic’s premises.

Finally, under the terms of the agreement a management committee will be set up, consisting of three members of Enel staff and three from the Politecnico di Milano, who will promote and coordinate the themes of common interest and scientific publications and also evaluate research projects as well as operating arrangements.

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