• Enel Open Fiber’s plan for Perugia provides for the coverage of 80,000 premises by January 2017


  • Fibre optic cabling will be brought to customers’ homes via the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) method, which will be capable of supporting download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps

Perugia, May 25th, 2016 – The city of Perugia and Enel Open Fiber (EOF), the Enel company charged with developing ultra-broadband infrastructure in Italy, have signed the first ever agreement that will allow the laying of fibre optic cabling across the whole city.

The agreement follows the stipulation of a previous one between EOF and Umbria Digitale, the regional company responsible for Umbria’s digitalisation plan that enabled the realisation of the project in Perugia.

EOF’s plan for Perugia provides for cabling for half of the city’s premises by December 2016 and of 80% within the first four months of 2017, with 80,000 premises being wired up in total.

The fibre optic cabling will be brought to customers’ homes via the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) method, which will be capable of supporting download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

A regulation adopted by Perugia city council in April provides that, in the event of wide-ranging and complex FTTH infrastructure projects being carried out in the city, given their significant strategic value for the local community, specific agreements can be stipulated with operators interested in realising that infrastructure. These agreements will govern simplified management of the authorisation process and communication flows, as well as a dedicated implementation framework that supports the realisation of those infrastructure projects.

EOF is interested in creating a fibre optic, ultra-broadband telecommunications network for Perugia, while at the same time ensuring its operation and maintenance, as well as offering, under non-discriminatory technical and economic conditions, wholesale access rights to all operators that request them.

The first 50 customers, who have been identified within the project’s fast track process, will be connected by Vodafone, Wind, Gointernet and Tiscali by the end of the month, while negotiations are also in course with other operators.

EOF has stipulated separately with Vodafone and Wind, in this early stage of the partnership, contracts relating to the cabling of the first 10 cities provided for in its broadband development plan. The agreements provide for the activation by Vodafone and Wind of new customers on the network that EOF will create, guaranteeing coverage for at least 80% of each city’s premises within the time frame indicated in the roll-out plan. EOF will also ensure the operation and maintenance of the new infrastructure.
“Perugia ultradigitale, or FTTH across the whole city, was one the top priorities of the new city administration that took office in 2014 and the first strategic objective for renewed development models for our city,” said Perugia mayor Andrea Romizi. “Here the Enel Open Fiber project has found the ideal ground on which to develop its model, which will enable Italy to claw back the serious delay it has regarding internet infrastructure and connectivity. Heartfelt thanks to Enel, now it’s down to us in Perugia to show the commitment and determination needed to make the most of this incredible opportunity.”

“Enel’s choice integrates and adds value to the regional fibre optic network and is the first tangible application of the theory that is the basis of the choices made by the region when in 2006 it decided to invest in its own regional network, which aimed to connect Umbria’s local authority offices and encourage development of our region for the benefit of local people and businesses,” said president of the Umbria region Catiuscia Marini. “Umbria has shown itself to be a region that is at the cutting edge of digitalisation of public services and administration.”

“I would like to thank Perugia city council and underline their active contribution,” said Enel Open Fiber CEO Tommaso Pompei. “Following careful analysis carried out in a short time frame, the city has approved regulation that promotes and encourages the creation of ultra-broadband infrastructure and the agreement that gives the green light to the project in the city. This is a best case that EOF will also propose in the other cities involved in the infrastructure project and which we hope to replicate with the same level of success. Thanks also to the region of Umbria, which as well as supporting the project every step of the way, has also enabled the realisation of part of the project by offering a section of the network owned by Umbria Digitale. This is an example of collaboration between public bodies that were able to find a common development and innovation goal for the whole region.”


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