Enel once again among world sustainability leaders in FTSE4Good Index and Euronext Vigeo-Eris 120

  • The indices recognized Enel’s leading role in promoting a sustainable business model by integrating ESG issues into business strategy and practice
  • Enel’s subsidiaries Endesa, Enel Américas and Enel Chile were also recognized in the FTSE4Good Index Series. Endesa was also confirmed in the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris indices at global, European and Eurozone levels


Rome, December 11th, 2019 – Enel once again confirmed its leading position in the FTSE4Good Index Series, which ranks the top global companies in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and transparency, following FTSE4Good’s review of the second half of 2019. The company was also confirmed in the second half 2019 review of the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris World 120 index.

Twice a year, the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris World 120 index lists the 120 most sustainable companies out of the 1,500 largest companies in terms of free-float market capitalization in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Enel has also maintained its position in the regional Euronext Vigeo - Europe 120 and Eurozone 120 indices, which respectively list the 120 most sustainable companies out of the 500 largest free-float companies in Europe and in the Eurozone.

Enel CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace said: “Enel continues along its sustainable path at full speed, with yet another recognition by two outstanding index series of the Group’s successful equation linking sustainability to value creation. We keep on prioritizing ESG issues across our entire value chain, as we remain focused on businesses and technologies that generate value while benefitting local communities and the wider environment. Over time, we will further boost the generation of this sustainable value against a backdrop of increased decarbonization and electrification of consumption, while leveraging on the enhanced digitalization of our company.”

The Group’s global sustainability leadership is acknowledged through its presence in several other renowned sustainability indices, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indices, the OEKOM “Prime” rating, the ECPI indices, and the Thomson Reuters/S-Network ESG Best Practices Indices. Recently, Enel received its first “AAA” rating by MSCI ESG Research Ltd., a leading research and data provider measuring companies’ performance on the grounds of ESG factors.

Enel’s strategy to accelerate decarbonization is one of the reasons why the Group is widely recognized as a sustainability leader in the most important sustainability indices. Enel’s commitment to a 70% reduction in its direct greenhouse gas emissions per kWh by 2030, from a 2017 base-year, was certified by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), and recently outlined in a recent report issued by SBTi during COP 25[1].

Enel is increasingly attracting the attention of Socially Responsible Investors (SRI), whose stake in the company is steadily growing, representing about 10.5% of the Group’s share capital in 2019, up 78% compared to 2014. This increase reflects the growing importance the financial market gives to non-financial elements in the creation of long-term sustainable value.

Both FTSE and EuroNext Vigeo acknowledged Enel’s leading role in promoting a sustainable business model by embedding ESG issues into the company’s business strategy and management. Specifically, Enel’s performance and transparency were recognized by both indices on topics such as:

·         climate change and Enel’s strong commitment to delivering business solutions to tackle it,

·         the comprehensive environmental strategy implemented along the company’s entire value chain,

·         the inclusion practices implemented in all countries where Enel operates, and

·         the robust and solid corporate governance system that guarantees that sustainability is present in all relevant decision-making processes.

This leadership is also extended to other listed Enel Group companies, such as its Spanish subsidiary Endesa, which renewed its position (i) in the FTSE4Good Index and, (ii) in Vigeo-Eiris at world, Europe and Eurozone levels.

Enel Americas and Enel Chile, the Group subsidiaries that operate in Latin America, were also confirmed in the FTSE4Good Index.

Enel’s long track record of inclusion in the world’s leading sustainability indices is supported by its commitment to be at the forefront of the biggest energy challenges facing society, such as sustainable urbanization. A specific example of how Enel is promoting sustainable urbanization by delivering concrete business solutions is available at the following link:

-       Vila Olímpia, the future of cities is in São Paulo




[1] The 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Enel FTSE + VIGEO H2 2019

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