Pirelli ed Enel X portano le infrastrutture di ricarica per le auto elettriche nei gommisti Driver



Milan, June 10, 2021 - Pirelli and Enel X announce the launch of a project, which will lead to the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure by the Enel Group’s innovative global business line, in various points of sale of Pirelli’s Driver tire dealer network. The agreement has been signed on the occasion of the Milan - Monza Motor Show, kicking off a collaboration that will immediately involve numerous Pirelli workshops and dealerships in Italy, and it will then extend to Spain and other European countries, with a roadmap still to be defined. This project is part of the numerous activities that Pirelli carries out in the field of sustainability, of which it is a world leader in the Automobiles & Components sector, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indexes. This agreement represents another contribution to support the spread of electric cars, which is currently inhibited by the lack of a capillary network of charging infrastructures


The collaboration between Pirelli and Enel X is part of a European project for the development of Driver services for e-mobility. This is a segment in constant growth, to which the Pirelli Driver workshops will pay increasing attention in offering various services. In addition to the installation of charging points, the project also foresees a specific training course for dealership staff.

The charging stations in the Pirelli Driver centers will come in different sizes, depending on the characteristics of the area and the work load of the dealership. More specifically, Enel X will make charging stations available to Driver tire dealers ranging from 22 kW to 50 kW of power, capable of recharging several vehicles at the same time. If the Pirelli Driver dealerships decide to install publicly accessible charging infrastructures, these will be visible on the apps of various Mobility Service Providers, including Enel X's JuicePass, the easy-to-use intuitive app that enables users to search for the nearest charging points, book them, pay and constantly monitor the charging status of their vehicle. To date, Enel X has installed roughly 13,000 charging points in Italy; some of these also offer the new HPC (High Power Charging) service, with chargers with a power of up to 350 kw, making it possible to recharge an electric vehicle in about 20 minutes.


Anticipating a rapidly growing market, Pirelli has already developed a specific range of tires for electric cars, called Pirelli Elect. These tires guarantee low rolling resistance, thus allowing lower energy consumption and a consequent increase in battery life, plus limited noise on board, immediate grip to cope with the typical torque performance of electric motors and a structure suitable for supporting the weight of the vehicle, which is greater than that of cars with a thermal engine, due to the battery pack. The development of products aimed at electric mobility is also consistent with Pirelli's sustainability strategy, whose commitment is demonstrated by continuous research and development operations in the field of materials and processes. The Eco Safety Design approach of Pirelli's R&D department, in particular, aims to maximize environmental respect in new products, and all-round road safety, embracing the entire life cycle of the product starting from its design phase. By 2025, Pirelli aims to reduce absolute CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 2015 and to use 100% renewable electricity, allowing the group to achieve carbon neutrality for both electricity and thermal energy by 2030.

Daniele Deambrogio, CEO Pirelli Italia: "Pirelli continues with growing determination along the path of sustainability, starting with product planning that pays the utmost attention to its entire life cycle, from initial choices of materials to final efforts to recover parts of the tire once inoperative. The contribution that we will make alongside Enel X to recharging infrastructure for electric cars – the first obstacle to the diffusion of these vehicles – is a new stage in Pirelli's journey towards an ever lower environmental impact, confirming and reinforcing the company’s breadth of vision concerning sustainability."

Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia: “Enel X's strategy for the rapid spread of electric mobility necessarily involves partnerships with the most important operators in the sector. The agreement with Pirelli is the natural consequence of this approach, because it is a partner with whom we share the same vision of sustainable mobility in the present and in the future. We will bring advanced charging technologies to Driver tire dealers, offering people the chance to recharge vehicles easily and in total comfort, providing a service that will enable us to attract more people to the world of electric mobility."


PR Pirelli-Enel X

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