Enel, the Via Carducci office in Milan is the first building in Italy to obtain the WELL Building Standard® Platinum level certification

Milan, December 17th, 2021 - Enel's offices in Via Carducci, Milan, is the first building in Italy to receive the WELL Building Standard® Platinum level certification, making it one of the highest-rated certified buildings in the world, with a score of 91/100. The recognition is in line with Enel's commitment to put people at the center of its operations, using tools that guarantee the presence and maintenance of conditions that are favorable to physical and psychological well-being.


The building is approximately 9,500 square meters and was designed for Edison by architect Giò Ponti in 1952. After completing renovations in 2019, Enel decided to start the WELL Certification process. This involved integrating high-tech solutions to ensure high-quality standards for lighting (natural and artificial), workplace acoustics, low/no concentration of contaminants in the air, ergonomics of spaces and workstations, the incorporation of greenery, and cultural and artistic enhancement of the site.

“Enel's achievement of the WELL Platinum status for its Via Carducci offices in Milan is exceptional,” comments Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). "Enel's participation in our WELL Portfolio program is part of its commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, extending the WELL benefits on a large scale to nearly 30,000 employees in 547 locations in Italy, Peru and Brazil. Through WELL, Enel is setting a high level of leadership for companies in Italy and around the world.”

“By achieving this important goal, Enel confirms its focus on innovation and people's well-being, even in the management of its workspaces,” comments Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Enel Italia. “Our ongoing commitment to the environment, which we guarantee our customers, is reflected through concrete actions, including those for all the people in the Enel Group.”

“When I first met the Enel team it was clear that they were committed to their employees and that pursuing WELL at the highest level was a source of pride,” comments Rick Fedrizzi, Executive Chairman of the IWBI. “I congratulate them on this significant achievement and applaud their leadership in Italy and in the global utilities sector.”

The certified quality standards are monitored continuously and the results are available for consultation and to inform building users. Policies and initiatives are promoted to encourage good nutrition and healthy eating in the workplace and, more generally, to ensure the well-being of all employees. This process also made it easier to reflect on the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, thanks to the adoption of the WELL Building Standard, which is also designed to protect people's health.

Achieving this prestigious certification is part of a wider refurbishment program of the company's premises that is being carried out across all its real estate assets in Italy.

The WELL system

Human beings spend on average 90% of their lives in confined spaces (homes, workplaces, schools, museums, places of worship, means of transport). These confined spaces significantly affect people's physical and psychological well-being. In 2015, the International Well Building Institute (IWBI® www.wellcertified.com) launched a system for certifying the level of people's health and well-being in buildings, called the WELL Building Standard®. The WELL system is based on the following 10 concepts (which are aligned to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals): quality of the air we breathe, water for human consumption, nutrition, fitness, thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, safety of building materials, psychological well-being and sense of community. For each concept, WELL provides metrics and reference standards for objectively measuring actual performance, including through monitoring and field testing, to obtain internationally recognized third-party certification.


The WELL system is also applicable to portfolios of buildings, where a dedicated digital platform can be used to collect a range of information, including all the environmental parameters of the buildings, for an overall view and assessment.

PR Enel WELL Platinum certification office Milan – Via Carducci

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