Enel: updates on nominations for renewal of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Rome, May 9th, 2022 - It is hereby announced that Lorenzo Pozza, proposed as the first Regular Statutory Auditor candidate on the slate for the renewal of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Enel S.p.A. ("Enel" or the "Company") filed on April 26th, 2022 by the shareholder Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance ("MEF"), has withdrawn his candidacy due to supervened personal reasons.

As a result, it should be noted that when the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Enel is held in a single call on May 19th, the slate of candidates for the office of Statutory Auditor submitted by the shareholder MEF will be voted upon as follows:

            Regular Statutory Auditors:

            1.     Maura Campra

            Alternate Statutory Auditors:

            1.     Tiziano Onesti

            2.     Carolyn A. Dittmeier

It should also be noted that, as a result of Lorenzo Pozza’s withdrawal of his candidacy as Regular Statutory Auditor, the total number of candidates specified in the slates filed within the legal deadline by the MEF and by a group of asset management companies and other institutional investors is not sufficient to guarantee that the number of Regular Statutory Auditors to be elected pursuant to the Company's by-laws is reached.

In view of this, the MEF – while informing Enel about Lorenzo Pozza's withdrawal of his candidacy – today submitted the nomination of Luigi Borrè as Regular Statutory Auditor. On the occasion of the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Enel to be held in a single call on May 19th, this nomination will therefore be voted upon in accordance with the legal majorities following the slate vote for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors.

Information on the personal and professional characteristics of the nominated Regular Statutory Auditor Luigi Borrè, together with the declaration with which the person concerned accepts the nomination and certifies to meet the requirements provided for by law and the Company's by-laws to hold the office of Statutory Auditor of Enel, are available to the public on the Company's website (www.enel.com) as well as at the authorized storage mechanism "eMarket STORAGE" (www.emarketstorage.com).


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