Wind brings the desert back to life

Published on Thursday, 8 September 2016

“We have turned the compensation obligations prescribed for by Mexican law into opportunities in the fields of environmental protection, employment and development of local communities.”

– Fabian R. Razo Caudillo, Enel Green Power CSV engineer at Dominica

“A hand for life” supports environmental protection in the area of Charchas, is making cacti – which also provide nourishment to local inhabitants - blossom again and supports the activity of farmers and breeders.

The desert blossoms together with local communities

In the cactus greenhouse plants are grown for ornamental purposes and for reforestation. The activities for the protection of the flora in the area surrounding the plant have resulted in the actual rescue of 16 species of the region of which we now have about 30,000 specimen.

In the Maguey mill plants typical of semi-desert areas are treated with benefits for about 200 people of the communities. The American agave, known as maguey, is transformed by the electric mill with the same name to obtain forage for the flock of goats belonging to a local shepherd and to produce the so-called aguamiel, a syrup widely used by the people in their common diet.

We help train farmers in the sustainable cultivation and extraction of the maguey worms and larvae of ants that are marketed as traditional food of the region.

Clean energy for the school

Dominica was also the vehicle to further develop the education of young people in the area who attend the Telesecundaria Manuel Josè Othon school.

“The school now has electricity, while before the community had no service at all.”

– Cristina Rocha Zamarrón, teacher at Telesecundaria Manuel Josè Othon school

We have donated infrastructure and solar panels to the local school, so it has stable access to electricity. The school uses television for remote lessons. Without secure and steady energy this model could not work.