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Sustainability is a driving force that helps us tackle challenges and work together to forge a new model of development that leaves no one behind.

Materiality analysis -

Materiality analysis

In order to identify the Group’s priorities for action, the issues requiring further disclosure, and the activities to involve stakeholders that needs enhancing, Enel launched the materiality analysis in 2012 and has reinforced the process over time.

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Sustainability plan -

Sustainability plan

Energy transition is a true transformation process: through the decarbonization of the energy mix, the growth of renewable capacity (SDG 7), the electrification of consumption, the empowerment of resilient and efficient infrastructures (SDG 9) and digital platforms and services (SDG 11), all of which enables an inclusive growth for all (SDG 8) and the achievement of SDG 13.

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Sustainability topics and performances -

Sustainability topics and performances

Solid facts and data that reflect Enel’s daily commitment to protecting the environment, relationships with local communities, individuals’ motivations, relationships with clients, investment in innovation, information and communication technologies, and the development of clean energy.

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Esg Rating & Indices -

ESG Rating & Indices

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) rating agencies and international analysts continually monitor Enel’s sustainability performance, selecting the Group and major listed companies in the most important international sustainability indexes.

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Sustainability reporting

Sustainability Report 2019 - Consolidated non-financial statement

PDF (14.8MB) Download

Green Bond Report 2019

PDF (2.61MB) Download

Commitment to the fight against climate change 2019

PDF (7.64MB) Download

At a glance

PDF (4.04MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2018

PDF (18.21MB) Download

Total Tax Contribution 2018

PDF (7.85MB) Download

Long term sustainable growth 2018

PDF (3.29MB) Download

Green Bond Report 2018

PDF (1.73MB) Download

Consolidated Non-financial Statement ex Legislative Decree 254/16 - year 2018

PDF (3.06MB) Download

Growth across low-carbon technologies and services

PDF (1.72MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2017

PDF (27.97MB) Download

Business model for a low carbon growth

PDF (1.58MB) Download

Communities and value sharing

PDF (2.34MB) Download

Consolidated Non-financial Statement ex Legislative Decree 254/16 - year 2017

PDF (3.81MB) Download

Green Bond Report 2017

PDF (0.56MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2016

PDF (20.53MB) Download

Sustainability Country Overview 2016

PDF (68.24MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2015

PDF (21.18MB) Download

Environmental Country Overview 2015

PDF (31.27MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2014

PDF (11.12MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2013

PDF (12.81MB) Download

Environmental Report 2013

PDF (28.66MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2012

PDF (6.27MB) Download

Environmental Report 2012

PDF (25.15MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2011

PDF (17.4MB) Download

Environmental Report 2011

PDF (30.48MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2010

PDF (15.91MB) Download

Environmental Report 2010

PDF (30.74MB) Download

Sustainability Report 2009

PDF (4.79MB) Download

Environmental Report 2009

PDF (27.78MB) Download

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