ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) rating agencies and international analysts continually monitor Enel’s sustainability performance, selecting the Group and main companies in the most important international sustainability indexes. They are considered a strategic tool to support investors and identify the risks and opportunities of their investment portfolio, in terms of sustainability, contributing to the development of active and passive investment strategies.

Enel maintains an outstanding position in most ESG ratings and sustainability indexes, which acknowledge Enel’s strong commitment to lead transition towards a low-carbon energy model and to promote responsible business management on issues such as ethics, human rights, labor, non-discrimination, transparency, engagement with local communities, environmental strategy and biodiversity.

Main ESG Ratings that evaluate Enel’s sustainability performance and indices or ranking in which the company is currently confirmed include the following:

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Enel’s outstanding position in the main ESG ratings and indices contribute directly to promote the attraction and retention of investors who integrate Environmental, Social and Governance related topics in their portfolio and investment decisions processes.

In particular, SRI funds continued to grow in 2018, with an upwards trend compared to the last 5 years.