#EnelFocusOn, New York - Kramer on shared value to tackle climate change


Mark Kramer


Andrea Bertaglio
Journalist focused on environment, sustainability and electric mobility
Alice Pace
Scientific journalist specialising in research, health and innovation
Marcos González
Journalist, President of Corresponsables, of the Corresponsables Foundation and of ObservaRSE in Latin America
Tatiana Marquez
Journalist at Corresponsable
Mariana Jimena Alegre Escorza
Executive Director of Lima Cómo Vamos, columnist for Perú 21
Alexander More
Historian of the environment, health and the economy at Harvard and Climate Change Institute
Aurora Chistè
Africa Managing Partner at Orb Intelligence, Co-founder of Hack for Big Choices and Maakola and WEF Shaper
William Senyo
Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Accra. Consultant for social innovation initiatives across Africa and manager of the implementation of startup support projects
Jean Paul Parmigiani
Managing Director of Impact Hub NYC, Co-founder and Board Chairman of Impact Hub Accra, Global Program Director of StartOut
Musstanser Tinauli
Innovator, design thinker, keynote speaker and CEO of Fori Mazdoori
Bobbi Silten
Managing Director of Shared Value Initiative
Kathy Lynch
Director of Global Partnerships of Foundation Strategy Group
Dave Smith
Partnership Creative Manager at Unreasonable Group
Tim Melino
Meteorologist and Data Scientist specialising in Renewable Energy
Ana Luiza Fraisse-Tilden
Program Coordinator in the Enterprise and Community Development Department at PYXERA Global
John Holm
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at PYXERA Global
Linda Jirouskova
Business Development Manager at Pact Institute
Natalia Abreu
Economist, Co-founder of Autossustentável
Cristiano Oliviera
Sustainability Coordinator at Fibria
Malu Paiva
Head of Sustainability, Corporate Relations and Communications at Fibria
Lorrain Smith
Writer and independent consultant
Shankari Mylvaganam
Director of Strategy and Global Partnerships at Unreasonable Group