Enel OGK-5 changed name to Enel Russia


The Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for Leninsky District of Ekaterinburg registered, on August 08th, the change of company name from Enel OGK-5 to Enel Russia

The decision to change the name of the company was adopted by the Annual General Shareholders Meeting on June 26th, 2014. In particular, the shareholders approved the procedures required for such re-branding, including the application to the Ministry of Justice for the use of the word "Russia" in a Company's name, and the proposal to subsequently insert the new name in the Company's Charter. 

Based on the fact that in accordance with the Russian legislation the company is one of the largest taxpayers, the Ministry of Justice approved the use of the word "Russia", and after the accomplishment of all the necessary procedures the new version of the company's Charter with the name "Enel Russia" is registered by the Federal Tax Service. The CEO of Enel Russia Enrico Viale commented: "The name of the company is an important element of its image, it should be modern and reflect the status of the organization.

The meaning of the acronym "OGK-5" today may be unclear to a wide range of people, either in Russia or abroad. The new name - Enel Russia - will reflect the company's liasons with Enel Group and it emphasizes the company's link with the economic and social spheres of the Russian Federation". 

The corporate identity will remain unchanged. Enel Russia will continue to use the Enel logo, like most of the Enel Group's companies.