Enel Sponsors Young Leaders Conference

Published on Monday, 6 October 2014

Men and women under the age of 40 who have distinguished themselves in industry, finance, academia, non-profit organisations, public service and the media, gathered in Matera in Southern Italy for the Young Leaders Conference, a three-day workshop on Culture, Creativity and Technology.

The 30th edition of the event was organised by the Council for the United States and Italy (CONSIUSA), an association founded in 1983 that promotes the development of partnerships and the exchange of skills both between the two countries and more generally between Europe and the States. The Enel Group sponsors the association along with Google, Fiat and Generali.

Having returned to Italy after the 2013 meeting in Austin, the conference brought together a group of 50 people from Italy, the United States and other countries such as China, Brazil, Turkey, India and Russia for discussion on how new technologies are redefining the traditional concepts of education, socialisation, business and political participation.

'We invited people between the ages of 30 and 40 from different countries and different professional environments to discuss culture, creativity and technology,' said DennisRedmont, CONSIUSA's Head of Communications, Media and Development. 'It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million users, while it took Facebook just nine months to reach twice that amount. The internet has radically changed our lives and our habits: you can now purchase goods with the simple click of a mouse, go to college online and monitor energy consumption remotely.

'In the past, the Young Leaders Conference has been attended by prominent figures such as the former Mexican President, members of the United States Congress, of the Italian and European Parliaments, newspaper editors and the directors of large companies,' concluded Redmont. 'I thank Enel for having invested in these young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow.'