#EnelFocusOn, at 200 km/h towards sustainable mobility

Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Formula E, the championship for electric cars in which Enel is a Official Power Partner, has landed in the United States in New York. Marking the arrival of the racing series in the world’s most famous city will be a new appointment with #EnelFocusOn.

Saturday 15 July, beginning at 9.30 am (local time) we will be live streaming from the Formula E Race Suite Hospitality area at the Red Hook circuit in Brooklyn on the same day that the silent racing cars of the electric single seat world championships race at speeds of over 200 km/h, in order to discuss alternative mobility, e-mobility, smart cities and sustainable transport with one of the world’s leading experts, Gabe Klein.

Klein, a former Commissioner of the Department of Transport in Chicago and Director of Transportation in Washington DC, is a consultant for Fontinalis Partners, a venture capital group dedicated to innovation in the sector of latest generation transport). Klein has demonstrated the existence of a valid approach to revolutionize urban mobility through the use of digital platforms, the direct involvement of the population and the open collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Leading the debate, together with Ryan O'Keeffe, Director of Communications at Enel, and appearing as both chairman and a speaker, is Ernesto Ciorra. Following the discussion, a question and answer session will take place before a select audience made up of digital influencers and international experts on sustainable mobility.

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