The open sustainability worksite

Published on Monday, 30 May 2016

“How we conceive and achieve sustainability originates from and is due to mutual benefit for both the community and the company.”

– Paolo Romanacci, EGP's Head of HWSB Italy Operation & Maintenance

The four towns of San Pietro d'Orzio, San Pellegrino Terme, Mura and Ceto in the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo share the direct experience of projects which have been conceived and developed following our Creating Shared Value model.

Work, environment and land

We have 288 small hydropower plants in Italian towns and municipalities. They are historical facilities, important for clean energy generation and for the history of the surrounding communities.

The need to modernise and introduce technological innovation has led to the execution of projects that begin as activities at the plant and then extend to the surrounding area.

“Enel Green Power has been able to maintain a high-quality open dialogue with the land and institutions, adopting measures that have redeveloped the environment and our town's image.”

– Vittorio Milesi, Mayor of San Pellegrino Terme (Italy)

Within local contexts that are similar but also very different, we establish a constant dialogue with local governments and communities in order to understand the specific needs of the area.

In these four small towns in Lombardy, our approach to sustainability has led us to the refurbishment of plants with zero emissions and waste, also using environmentally friendly materials.

Our commitment, shared with local governments and contractors, has given rise to a real sustainable worksite that we are also currently implementing in the rest of the world.

An opportunity for everyone

For the 789 inhabitants of Mura, a community on the Valle Sabbia mountains, the Bongi lake was a common destination for fishing and leisure. After our intervention, the body of water was restored to its former beauty and the number of fish has increased.

In order to reach the "well-loved Val Paghera", - as the Mayor of Ceto Marina Lanzetto calls it - together with the town hall, we built a temporary bridge on the Palobbia stream to restore traffic flows. This way, a large number of inhabitants of the small centre in the province of Brescia took once again to walking in the fir forest at the foot of the Adamello mountain.

At San Pellegrino Terme we built a solar PV plant to power the worksite needed to refurbish the plant, without producing emissions. Once the work was finished, we donated the plant to the local high school, which thus became a pilot project for energy self-sufficiency.

Finally, if lovers of bicycle rides and walks can now go alongside the Brembo river, it is also thanks to our contribution, since we helped build the cycle path that crosses the municipality of San Pietro d'Orzio.