E-mobility and Santiago’s great race

Published on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

“There has been a radical change in our approach to energy over the last few years in this country. One big and very practical step forward is that now, when we talk about e-mobility, everyone knows what it is and the kind of improvements it can make to the environment and our quality of life”

– Andrés Rebolledo, the Chilean government’s Minister for Energy

The Minister underscored the fact that February 3 will go down in the history of progress in Chile, but added that the country still has a lot of work to do: “You can’t create a revolution like this on your own. Our government needs help from businesses, from people who can provide the ideas and tools to translate them into reality. Through its commitment to Formula E and tech development, Enel really does represent a new frontier in the energy sector.”

This is an important acknowledgment for our Group as we have been operative in this South American country for many years through Enel Chile and its subsidiaries Enel Generación Chile and Enel Distribución Chile. Enel Green Power Chile also gives us a significant presence in the renewable energies market, with a total installed capacity of around 7.5 GW (4.8 GW renewable and 2.7 GW thermal), 1.9 million customers and over 2,200 employees. Chile is a strategic country for us: it’s where we have headquartered Enel Americas, our platform for investing in conventional generation and distribution in other South American nations (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru).

Formula E might well open up a new frontier. But this time, it won’t take two generations to get there...and beyond!