Elisabetta Colacchia

Head of People and Organization

In the Enel Group since June 2023, she has been Head of People and Organization since December of that year.

With a degree in Economics and Business from La Sapienza University in Rome, during her career, she has held positions of responsibility and strategic importance in leading national and international companies in the energy, infrastructure, telecommunications and transportation sectors.

From 2019 to May 2023, she served as president of Itabus SpA. Previously, she was the executive chairwoman of Essecieffe Investment. She has held positions of responsibility in ITALO Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori SpA, Telecom Italia SpA and Terna SpA. She has been a member of the board of directors of a number of Telecom Group and Terna Group companies, in Italy and abroad, and an independent director of Invimit SGR SpA.

She began her career in investment banking at Merrill Lynch in London and later in investor relations at the Enel Group.

At the Milano Finanza Company Awards, she received the Golden Lion for Communications in 2006.

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