Chile: get ready for the Circular Awards 2023!

Chile: get ready for the Circular Awards 2023!


The purpose of the Circular Challenge Foundation is to support organizations in accelerating the transition to a circular and sustainable development model. And this month the Foundation will, in collaboration with Enel, launch the #CircularAwards 2023. Its aim is to recognize and reward the initiatives and innovations that are setting the standard for the circular economy in Chile.

In this first edition, large companies, SMEs and non-profit organizations are invited to submit their innovations and circular initiatives in 5 key categories for promoting circularity and sustainable development in the country. These categories are namely:

  • #WATER Challenge
  • #EMISSIONS Challenge
  • #ENHANCEMENT Challenge
  • #ENERGY Challenge
  • #SOCIAL Challenge

A jury of national and international experts will select those organizations whose initiatives: 1) integrate circular economy principles and strategies into products and services, 2) have implemented circularity policies and strategies, and 3) are contributing to the development of a sustainable ecosystem through partnerships and collaborations. These general criteria are intended to begin a more technical conversation about the economic, social and environmental benefits of the Circular Economy, and organizations will be invited to report impact indicators in their application.

Loreto Herrera, the Fuundation’s Executive Director, says: "It is important to publicly recognize innovation initiatives in the circular economy, as well as those that should be imitated. We want to show that implementing the circular economy in organizations enables us to improve economic indicators while contributing to the decarbonization and sustainable development of our country. This is an objective in which all of us can and should take part."

Get ready to enter a competition that not only recognizes the best, but seeks to inspire others to challenge themselves in creating a more circular and sustainable world.

Find out more about the Foundation at and sign up here to receive direct information about the launch of the #CircularAwards 2023.