New era, new energy, new Enel

New era, new energy, new Enel

Enel is changing constantly in order to drive the energy sector that is continuously evolving. Consequently, Enel has also modernized its logo and website in line with the spirit of Open Power.

Enel has always been at the leading edge of developments in the energy sector, bringing safe, affordable and sustainable energy to millions of people around the world.

Today, the industry is undergoing a profound transformation and, once again, Enel takes the lead in shaping a new, digital, and participatory era of energy.

Open Power is our platform for growth, combining the strength of our global organisation with the opportunities of an open and connected world.


Open Power brought to life

Open Power requires us to redefine the brand Enel and its presence in the world; but how to make such an idea tangible?

At the start of our creative process we explored how the abstract concepts of power and openness can be visualized - from kinetic energy to physical phenomena to data driven systems we asked ourselves: what does power and openness look and feel like? How can we translate these concepts into an expression that truly embodies the future of our organization?


A radically new visual expression

Based on these explorations, we've developed a new visual expression for our global brand that incorporates all the ideas of Open Power and positions us differently from any of the other large utilities. It's open and collaborative to enable everybody to participate. It's alive and empowers people to experiment. It's always moving, to constantly provoke change and innovation.


The cursors the starting point of our brand

At the heart of our new expression sits the cursor, an iconic visual symbol that represents Open Power. The cursor is the starting point of energy: it's always moving, always energetic, echoing the very core behind the power of a light bulb - the filament. The cursor informs the look and feel of our new brand and creates a consistent design language that ensures everything we do ties back to the principles of Open Power, from our logo, through print and digital applications, to products and signs.


Our new logo

Our new logo is a modern and highly recognisable word mark. Its shape has been created by the movement of the cursors. Each letter consists of a cursor, followed by a colourful trail of energy. Its unique typography has been used throughout all our brands: for Enel, Enel Green Power and Endesa. This helps us to create a strong, consistent family of brands.


A colourful brand

Our new expression is as diverse and open as our company. We are introducing a range of 8 colours, all of which are used in our logo. In addition to these colours there are colourful gradients to represent the full range of the electricity spectrum, as well as its continuous movement.


A consistent design language

Our expression is based on a solid, easy-to-use design system, that helps us to create a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, from digital to print, from advertising to retail.


Open for experiments

Our new brand expression is deliberately pitched to encourage experimentation. Our key element, the cursor, can be used in many new and unexpected ways to create endless new interpretations of Open Power. The brand becomes truly open to others and we encourage people inside and outside of Enel to play, innovate and experiment.


A new experience

Our new brand will be much more than a visual identity. It is developed to create an entirely new experience for our people and our customers, across all interactions, across all business lines, and across all geographies.


A truly collaborative and open process

A key factor in the development or our new brand was the highly collaborative process including all parts of our organisation and all our key agencies. Throughout the process, we questioned our traditional ways of working by constantly exposing the team to feedback and disruptive new input – a highly challenging and rewarding experience.


A brand new website

We don't just want to imagine the future, we want to build it. That's why our brand has been brought to life, and is fully active, on the new

We stopped thinking about what we'd like to say, and instead we started listening to what information our stakeholders want and need from us. Our new website is an open meeting place, based on the paradigm of user-centered design.

We want to be the innovation that the world needs. We dream of a more accessible and faster world, so our site was designed mobile-first.

We don't want to simply inform people, we want to inspire through example. For this reason we have created a site which will tell the stories behind the people that illuminate the everyday lives of millions of human beings; a site which will highlight the places in the world where we create a better future by working with local communities; a site which will showcase the groundbreaking technologies which our talented engineers and technicians have invented to make everyone's lives more sustainable, fast, and smart.

We've already done so much, but this is just the beginning. The new is not just a site, it is a digital ecosystem that represents the Enel mindset: an Open Power organization.

Starting from the site, we want to utilize all the opportunities of the digital age to show what makes us one of the most successful companies in the world: our passion.


Open Power in your hands

The brand expression is just a start. Now it's up to all of us to make it real. The new brand signifies a step change to all our customers, stakeholders, and partners. However, the real change will only come through our everyday actions that bring tangible change to people.

So now it's everybody's responsibility to deliver on Open Power and shape the future of energy globally.