Innovation to drive sustainable growth

Innovation to drive sustainable growth

Welcome to the new


In January 2016, millions of people around the world saw Enel undergo a makeover, adopting a new logo after nearly 20 years. On the same day we also launched the new, which immediately brings stakeholders into contact with Open Power.

So, why are we here launching a new website just after we launched one in January?

The short and practical answer is that a website has to be built stage by stage, going through successive iterations from a simple but functioning version to the finished article. What we have seen so far was one stage of this process.

The fuller and more substantial answer is that our website continues to change because it is a metaphor of the change that we are carrying out here at Enel.

These days, change is constantly at the heart of a company’s decisions and ingrained in its business activities, nowhere more so than in the power utility sector. Technological acceleration and digital development has made the need for innovation a constant in our daily work and beyond.

Change on its own is not enough; it has to be a process, a journey towards a clear destination that is reached in more than just a single step. 


“Change on its own is not enough; it has to be a process, a journey towards a clear destination that is reached in more than just a single step”


Without a clear vision of both the destination, and how you will get there, there will be no successful innovation. And in the Open Power approach, innovation cannot be separated from sustainability; in fact the two terms are almost synonymous.

The website you are about to enter is symbolic of Enel’s journey along this pathway of inclusive and sustainable development: every new innovation, every new development, is a further step towards the Open Power organisation we want to create. In the same way, every new version of is a part of an ambitious development plan to present Enel as one of the leading companies in the world in digital communications.

So innovation and change are not the goal, but the means to reach our objectives: true progress and genuine quality of life. We face many challenges. But we will continue, as we have done for over 60 years, to deliver long-term value for all stakeholders, overcoming these challenges by determining the direction of change, not being subject to it. Disruption of the energy world is our new normal.

I hope you will enjoy the new and the stories of the 67,000 Enel colleagues around the world who, each day, light up the lives of hundreds of millions of people.


Francesco Starace, CEO