Our history, our future

Our history, our future

Although Enel began life in 1962 as a statutory corporation in Italy, today it is a private company that is present in more than 30 countries. Not only that, it is continuing to expand in new markets and sectors, such as electric mobility and smart cities. All in the name of sustainability.


From electrification in Italy to global expansion across the five continents. Our 50+ years of history - full of passion, innovation and sharing - is now creating an increasingly sustainable future, for all, across the world.  

“Enel has arrived!” Whether it was a small town in the countryside or a large city, everywhere in Italy Enel meant light.

Following the economic boom of the post-war years, the whole of Italy opened up to a new era. With the aim of providing energy for the country’s turbulent development, the National Electrical Energy Agency – ENEL – was established in 1962.


The energy of progress serving Italy    

ENEL was born out of the country’s creative talent. It was this talent that had led in the late 19th century to the activation in Milan of the very first power plant in continental Europe. 


“Enel gathered together 1,270 local companies established since the early 20th century to provide energy to cities and regions.”

For over a decade, we engaged every day in the exciting experience of achieving progress in Italy by setting up the national electricity grid, connecting it to the rest of Europe and bringing energy wherever it is needed, from the Alpine valleys to the islands.


Pioneers in a changing world

In serving the country and opening it up to the world and the future, we weathered the global energy crises of the 1970s and the new open frontiers of the 1980s, constantly remaining at the center of the evolution of the electricity sector.

Always looking to innovate, we have built first-rate hydropower plants, seen the success of our thermal facilities, taken part in the development of nuclear energy technologies, and guided innovations in harnessing the power of the sun, wind and the Earth’s heat.


“We have pioneered the development of renewable energy. In 1981 in Sicily, we built Eurelios: the world’s first grid-connected solar field.”

The new millennium: sustainability, digitization and clean energy

The liberalization of Italy’s energy market and the transformation of Enel into a private company paved the way for the new millennium, stretching our reach across the world.

Spain, the United States, Canada and Brazil. The first decade of this century has seen us grow as we seized opportunities and challenges opened up by the Global Village. 


"We followed the road of digital development and anticipated the era of smart technologies, having already conceived and installed the first electronic meters in 2001"

Sustainability, clean energy and environmental protection have become the pillars of our business: in 2004 we were the first admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and in 2008 our decades of commitment to renewable energy development culminated in the launch of Enel Green Power.


Open Power: our race towards the future

Present in more than 30 countries in 5 continents, operating in every electricity generation technology, and at the center of digital innovation, we will continue to grow in order to remain true to our vocation: offering the world a better future.

Our activity now extends to new countries, notably in Africa and Asia.

New projects and new challenges help us remain focused on our commitment to becoming an entirely carbon-free company by 2050. 


"Open Power is our answer to the shared need to create a new growth model that is environmentally friendly, more sustainable and open to everyone"

We are open to collaboration with startups and high-tech companies aiming to develop new solutions and fashion a shared and more efficient energy use.

Today Enel means electric cars and cutting-edge solutions for sustainable mobility; it is the global worksite for smart cities and €5bn+ investments in the development of smart grids across the world.

Our innovation creates advanced technologies: from energy storage to Big Data, to increasing the efficiency and productivity of renewable plants.


We are committed, alongside the United Nations, to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and facing the challenges of poverty, gender equality, clean water, clean energy and climate change.


“We have more than 120 ongoing projects worldwide, granting access to electricity to more than 1.5 billion people and opening up a new future of development and growth for them.”

We support local communities and their social and economic development through 450 projects, which are mostly being implemented in Africa and Latin America.

We are leading the change and are at the heart of innovation and sustainability. We always remain open to challenges, to diversity, and to all that is still to come.  

Today our horizon has no boundaries and our goal is to open the doors of the future to everyone.