We are ready to power your home, your city or your next innovative project

Supplying the energy you need is just one of the services we offer. We provide the solutions to power electric vehicles and smart cities, to make IoT work, to bring you renewable energy – and to transform the way we use it.


The energy of the future: benefits of electrification

The European Union has increased its 2030 climate ambition, pushing the target to at least a 55% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. We will need a vast expansion of renewables and a huge increase in the number of vehicles, products and processes that run on electricity to get there. Electricity, powered by renewable energy, is the most efficient and cost-effective solution: it is clean, cheap and high-performance.

There are many benefits to switching to electricity in our daily lives:

  • CLEAN UP THE ENERGY WE USE: Electricity produced with an increasingly renewable energy mix is the only route for a truly clean energy system.
  • SAVE MONEY ON OUR BILLS: When our appliances or rides are electric, we can save energy because they are more efficient compared with other energy carriers.
  • TURN OUR HOME INTO A SMART HOME: Electric appliances can be digitalized through smart technologies. New products and services are available to the customer and support its empowerment.
  • HEALTHIER, CLEANER AND MORE LIVEABLE CITIES: Switching from the direct use of fossil fuels to electricity leads to better air quality by reducing the emissions of local pollutants.
Electrification of transportation

Enel X Way is our global platform to accelerate the electrification of consumption, technological evolution and e-mobility development

We want to consolidate e-mobility by creating a widespread e-vehicle charging infrastructure network that meets the needs of both our public and private customers through an increasingly broad range of products and services within everyone’s reach.

Sustainability, more accessible pricing and increasingly impressive ranges for vehicles: the future of mobility really is electric! This is why we want to offer our private customers, businesses and public administrative bodies an entire ecosystem of solutions that will transform every single journey and every single commute into a simple, fun and unique experience in which nothing is left to chance.

Home charging

The JuiceBox is a smart home charging device that comes in three versions with different power levels: it enables users to charge their vehicles at home, both easily and safely.

Public infrastructure

A network of public charging stations so that users can also charge their vehicles when they are “on the road.” It’s easy to book a spot on this interconnected network, thanks to the Enel X Way mobile app.

Charging services

The Enel X Way mobile app lies at the heart of our ecosystem of products and services: it facilitates the tracking of both the charging process and the availability of charging stations.

For companies

We are developing simplified management tools for electric vehicle fleets and we can offer a range of dedicated services for companies that want to switch to electric mobility.

Electrification of consumption

We define our business strategy according to the needs of our customers, leveraging electrification and aiming for excellent levels of service

Enel X Global Retail uses technology to transform energy into new opportunities for growth and progress

Based on digitalization, innovation, and circular economy, we offer smart, fast, and intuitive services to enable businesses and communities to leverage integrated technological solutions. And with a constantly evolving range of products and services, we are creating new ways to improve people’s lives.

For cities

We provide municipalities with the necessary support and expertise to ensure effective and efficient urban management, from street lighting to connectivity, and electric public transport solutions.

For homes

Our services, support, and partnerships help to make life simpler and smarter – with greater security, comfort, and efficiency. 

For businesses

By understanding a business and its energy usage we can help generate new revenues, increase efficiency and sustainability, and optimize costs.

Energy Supply

We are proud to supply energy to more than 70 million homes and businesses. We are one of the electricity sector’s leading integrated operators, selling energy to companies and private individuals. And by using smart technologies, we make it easier for you to manage, reduce, and optimize your energy consumption.