Energy transition is a true transformation process, one that effectively leads down a path of sustainable long-term development; it enables more inclusive and environment-friendly growth and helps find new solutions for customers’ requirements. New forms of energy that can shape a new business model, taking value from urbanization, electrification, digitalization and decarbonization trends.

In the new 2019-2021 Plan, which is based on industrial pillars and ESGs, the Group is confirming the fundamental principles of its strategy, with greater change and acceleration in its implementation. The Plan promotes combining different cultures and objectives within the same Group, across mature businesses and upcoming activities, promoting the application of a sustainable business model along the entire value chain, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Enel promotes the achievement of these goals, aligning its own strategy with the United Nations goals and measuring and managing its own direct contribution to achieving them.

Enel therefore has the ambitious goal of steering the energy transition and the relative electrification of consumption, through a Plan that features all aspects of the energy of the future: efficiency, flexibility, digitalization, electric mobility and the integration of renewables, as well as the new role of customers – no longer just passive users, but conscious main players with growing needs.