Our strategy for sustainable progress

At the heart of our sustainability strategy is our ambition to achieve zero emissions by 2040, thanks to a sustainable business model based on the development of power generation from renewable sources, made possible by the safety and reliability of the grids, and whose goal is clean electrification of customer uses.
In all of our activities, we always consider the needs of our stakeholders.
, digitalization, the circular economy, and sustainable finance act transversally to accelerate growth. It’s a path of sustainable growth that respects nature and human rights, supported by a sound governance structure.

60 years of future and energy

Our materiality analysis and our priorities for action

A materiality analysis makes it possible to identify our organization’s most significant impacts on the economy, the environment and people.

The strategy and the Sustainability Plan

Our strategy puts sustainability at the center, contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.