Alessandra Stabilini

Member of the Board of Directors, member of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and Chair of the Nomination and Compensation Committee

Member of the Board of Directors of Enel since May 2023.

After graduating in Law from the University of Milan (1995), she obtained a Master of Laws degree from the University of Chicago (2000) and a PhD in Commercial Law from Bocconi University in Milan (2003).

In the academic field, she has held and still holds the position of researcher in Commercial Law (since 2004) and adjunct professor at the University of Milan, where she has taught International Corporate Governance (2011-2016), Corporate Interest, Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Reporting (2016-2018) and Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (starting from 2018).

In the professional field, she held the role of equity partner of Advant NCTM Studio Legale (2015-2022) and in 2022 she founded the Stabilex law firm in Milan, of which she is the owner. She mainly deals with corporate law (with particular reference to listed companies), financial markets law, banking law and corporate governance. She has held and still holds the office of arbitrator appointed by the Arbitration Chamber of Milan.

She currently holds the position of non-executive director and is a member of various board committees at Coima SGR (since 2022), Unieuro (since 2019), Banca Aidexa (since 2020), having held similar positions in the past, among others, at Cerved (2019-2021), GIMA TT (2017-2019) and Banca Widiba (2014-2019).

She is also regular statutory auditor of Hitachi Rail STS (since 2017) and Illy Caffè (since 2021), having previously held similar positions in Parmalat (2013-2017), Fintecna (2014-2017), Brunello Cucinelli (2014-2023) and Nuova Banca delle Marche (2015-2017).

She has also held and still holds several positions as liquidator and member of the surveillance committee of SIM and SGR upon appointment by the Bank of Italy.

She held the position of member of the board of directors (2014-2022) and the vice presidency (2016-2022) of NedCommunity (the Italian association of non-executive directors), as well as the position of member of the board of directors (2019-2022) and of the policy committee (2018-2023) of EcoDa (European Confederation of Directors' Associations).


Date of last update: 12 June 2023

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