Fiammetta Salmoni

Member of the Board of Directors, member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee and Chair of the Related Parties Committee

Member of the Board of Directors of Enel since May 2023.

A graduate with honors in Political Science and International Relations from La Sapienza University of Rome (1990), she currently holds the position of full professor of Institutions of Public Law at Guglielmo Marconi University.

Author of numerous essays and scientific publications in national and international journals where she has dealt with issues of public law and international politics, she has been a speaker at various conferences and seminars on these topics. She has been and still is a member of editorial boards of leading scientific journals and participates in academies and associations of recognized prestige.

She is recognized as a leading expert on issues related to European economic governance, the Next Generation EU, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the European Banking Union.

Outside of academia, she has gained 20 years of experience, beginning in 2003, in the aerospace and defense industry, serving as a board member and chair of several Italian and international companies.

In 2006-2008, she served as chair of the SME committee of AIAD.


Last update date: 12 June 2023

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