Johanna Arbib

Member of the Board of Directors, member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee and of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee

Member of the Board of Directors of Enel since May 2023.

A graduate in Finance from John Cabot University (1992), she began her career dealing with communications and marketing strategies relating to the properties of the ROEV Group (1994-2000) in Italy, Israel, and the United States of America.

Having moved on to AFI, one of the leading private Italian operators in the real estate sector, where she held the position of external relations manager (2000-2007), she was subsequently senior advisor of the British real estate company Patron Capital (2008-2013), where she was mainly involved in the analysis and development of investments in Italy.

Since 2018, she has held various positions within IAM Capital, a private equity player in the real estate and renewable energy sector. In particular, since 2018 she has been a senior advisor of IAM Capital Real Estate, active in Italy and the United Kingdom, with responsibility for business development and deal sourcing; since 2019, she has been responsible for the Italian deal sourcing and asset management activities of IAM Capital Fund SICAV. She has been a member of the Advisory Committee of IAM Capital Italia 1 since 2021.

She has held and still holds important positions within Israeli civil society, including promoting philanthropic activities. Among her past positions, she was president of the Board of Trustees of Keren Ha Yesod (2009-2014), an organization of which she was also a member of the international executive board from 2008 to 2019 and where she still holds the position of member of the Board of Trustees. She was president and CEO of the Jerusalem Foundation (2015-2018), where she oversaw the strategic approach, as well as managerial and fundraising activities. Among the offices she currently holds, she is president of HaShomer HaChadash (since 2018), a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel (since 2005) and a board member of the Mario Foundation and the Claudio Segre Foundation, which promote scholarships for university and high school students in Israel.


Date of last update: 12 June 2023

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