The corporate events calendar will be announced by January 30 each year by a press release, and it will be posted on the Company's website.

Pursuant to the current legislation, the notice calling the meeting will be published on Enel's website, sent to the Italian Stock Exchange, and published in at least one national newspaper. In general, the notice must be published at least 30 days before the date ​fixed for the meeting. This term does not apply to the General Meeting convened: (I) for the renewal of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Statutory Auditors, whose term of publication is 40 days before the General Meeting; (II) pursuant to Articles 2446, 2447 and 2487 of the Italian Civil Code, in which case the term is 21 days before the General Meeting.

Pursuant to article 127-ter of the Legislative Decree n. 58 dated February 24, 1998, those shareholders in relation to which the Company has received a specific communication, certifying the relevant right, by an authorized intermediary (pursuant to article 43 of the Regulation jointly approved by the Bank of Italy and Consob on August 13, 2018) may ask questions also before the Meeting.

Shareholders who intend to ask questions before the Meeting must provide their questions to the Company by the means mentioned in the notice of the Meeting and within the term set forth by the same notice; such term must be no less than five trading days prior to the date of the Meeting. Questions are answered no later than during the Meeting.

Alternatively, the notice of the Meeting may establish that the Company should provide before the Meeting a response to the questions received; in such case, the term set forth for filing questions will be no less than seven trading days prior to the date of the Meeting, and the relevant answers are provided at least two days prior to the Meeting.

Those who are entitled to vote at the Meeting may appoint a proxy holder pursuant to the applicable laws, by way of a proxy to be granted in accordance with the applicable laws. There is a proxy form available for such purposes in the section of the Company's website dedicated to the present Meeting. The proxy form may be sent to the Company by ordinary mail (addressed to ENEL S.p.A. - Legal and Corporate Affairs - Viale Regina Margherita N. 137 - 00198 Rome - Ref. “Proxy voting”), or by fax to No. 06/83055028, at least two trading days before the date set for the Meeting.

Pursuant to article 11.1 of the Bylaws, the proxy may also be notified to the Company electronically until the commencement of the Meeting using the section of Enel's website dedicated to the Meeting.

The proxy may be also granted to the representative appointed by the Company and named in the notice of the meeting; in such a case, the proxy will contain voting instructions for all or certain items on the agenda and will be received by the said representative, in original, no later than the end of the second trading day before the Meeting.

Information on Enel’s dividend policy is available on the "Dividend History" section of Enel’s website.

Information on dividends paid since the listing of Enel's shares in November 1999 is available on the "Dividend History" section of Enel’s website.

In order to receive a dividend, it is not necessary to own Enel shares for a minimum period. These shares just have to be recorded on a securities deposit account held by an authorized intermediary by the end of the trading day fixed as the record date; the record date coincides with the trading day following the ex-dividend date and preceding the payment date. In order for shares to be recorded on the securities deposit account within the record date, shares must be purchased within the trading day preceding the ex-dividend date considering that settlement cycle for Italian market is set at T+2 (meaning by “settlement cycle” the time-gap between the trade execution and the recording on the part of the intermediary).

No dividend reinvestment program is envisaged within Enel.

All the shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange are distinguished by an alphanumeric code that has international validity. This code is an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). For Enel shares the ISIN code is IT0003128367. Shares are also identified with an abbreviation or ticker that varies according to the market: Enel shares are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange as “ENEL.”

Depending on the financial news agencies (Reuters, Bloomberg) the suffix of the abbreviation may vary as follows:

Italian Stock Exchange:

Agency Enel abbreviation
Reuters ENEL.MI
Bloomberg ENEL IM

Ex-dividend date: the date after which purchased shares are not entitled to the dividend payment.

Declaration date: the date when the Board of Directors declares the dividend.

Payable date: the date when the dividend payments are made.

Record date: the date of the title to the payment of the dividend.

The dates of the results’ publications are available in the "financial calendar."

Institutional Investors can reach the Investor Relations' Team by sending an e-mail to: investor.relations@enel.com

The address is: Viale Regina Margherita, 137 00198 ROMA (IT) 

Tel: +39 06 83051

Head of Group IR: Monica Girardi

Retail Investors can reach the Shareholders Retail Team by sending an e-mail to: azionisti.retail@enel.com

The address is: Viale Regina Margherita, 137 00198 ROMA (IT) 

Tel: +39 06 8305 4000 

Fax: +39 06 8305 5028

To access an updated list of the investors with qualified stakes, please visit the Shareholders page in the “Investors” section.

Enel's strategy is publicly disclosed during the Capital Markets Day. You can find further information on Enel's strategy on the “Strategy” pages of the “Investors” section.

Enel’s rating is available at the “Ratings” page.

A simplified view of the Group's main listed subsidiaries is available at the following page: Enel Group on the Stock Market.

The "nationalization" of electric companies took place under Law n. 1643, dated December 6, 1962. Such a law provided that - without prejudice for certain exceptions – the ownership of companies that operated in the fields of electricity production, import-export, transportation, transformation, distribution, and sale from any source was to be transferred to the Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica (which become Enel after its privatization). Article 5 of the Law n. 1643, dated December 6, 1962, established specific criteria in order to determine the amount of the indemnification to be paid by the Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica to the persons entitled, depending on the type of company involved in the transfer, providing that such indemnification would be paid to the persons entitled within a period of ten years starting from July 1, 1963.

The Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica became a joint stock company under the Legislative Decree n. 333, dated July 11, 1992, which was then converted into Law n. 359, dated August 8, 1992. The privatization of the Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica did not imply the conversion of share certificates of nationalized companies into Enel's shares.

Considering that the privatization took place long ago, any right connected with shareholding in nationalized companies (indemnification) must be considered extinguished under article 2946 and subsequent ones of the Italian Civil Code.

The reverse stock split of Enel's shares was resolved by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on May 25, 2001 (effective from July 9, 2001). Such operation was organized as follows: (I) conversion of the share capital into euros using the "ordinary" procedure prescribed by Article 17, paragraph 6, of Legislative Decree n. 213, dated June 24, 1998; consequently the nominal value of shares was increased from 1,000 lire to 0.5 euros (equivalent to 968.135 lire), with a reduction of 31.865 lire of the nominal value of each share. Given that the share capital of Enel before conversion amounted to 12,126,150,379,000 lire, the conversion resulted in a reduction of the share capital of 386,399,781,827 lire (equal to a percentage of about 3.2%, and, therefore, less than 5% limit set forth by the above mentioned Article 17, paragraph 6, of Legislative Decree n. 213, dated June 24, 1998), the amount of which, according to the procedure above, was attributed to the "legal reserve;" (II) the shares were grouped in a ratio of one share (dividend pari passu) with nominal value 1 euro for every two shares of nominal value of 0.5 euro; (III) in order to have an even number of shares to be reversed as mentioned, a Shareholders' resolution has also provided for the purchase of one share owned by Enel, which was subsequently cancelled, in accordance with the above mentioned Article 17, paragraph 6, of the Legislative Decree n. 213, dated June 24, 1998. Thus the number of shares constituting the share capital is halved, which means that, as of July 9, 2001, after including the cancellation of the share purchased in order to have an even number of shares, the number went from 12,126,150,379 to 6,063,075,189. The operation only changed the ratio between the shares before and after the reverse stock split, but not the counter value of the shares owned by the investor.