Our business model

We are a leading group in the energy sector, with a presence in more than 47 countries on five continents, vertically integrated along the entire value chain



Our growth is driven by our business model. We are active along the entire value chain through Business Lines that each have a specific focus. We are the world’s largest private renewable energy operator with 53.6 GW of net efficient renewable capacity, equal to  63.3% of entire generation capacity (Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation). We are the largest private electricity distribution company in the world (Enel Grids), with about 72.7 million end users connected to our grids, including 45.8 million with active smart meters. We also manage the largest customer base of any private company (Enel X Global Retail), with more than 66.7 million customers. In order to increasingly promote the electrification of consumption, we develop and sell new services and products, such as public charging points for electric mobility (e-Mobility Enel X Way), which now number more than 22,600. To ensure a stable supply of energy, we operate in more than 30 countries in wholesale energy markets, thus guaranteeing strategic and sustainable services to our customers (Global Energy & Commodity Management).

Business is supported by our Global Service Functions (Procurement, Digital Solutions, and Global Customer Operations) and Staff Functions (Administration, Finance and Control, Innovation and Sustainability, People and Organization, Communications, Legal and Corporate Affairs, and Audit), within which each country combines global business models with specific local requirements.


Please refer to the Sustainability Report 2022 for further details.