ONE: Endesa's new online offer


ONE is Endesa's new personalised gas and electricity deal, which was launched recently in Spain and for the first time offers users free access to an exclusive electricity and gas online tariff without any binding commitment and gives them free choice of the products they want.

With this new service, a new development in energy, Endesa offers low prices to old and new customers for an indefinite period, offering savings of up to €130 per year. All of this while allowing customers to choose between having either electricity or gas, both electricity and gas or a combination of services, without binding the contract to an expiry date. This allows customers to end the contract anytime without having to pay a penalty fee.

The only condition is that customers have to manage all their operations online by using the freeservice that is activated when they sign up to the offer.

Customers who choose ONE will be able to manage and personalise their contract, will have access at anytime to information regarding their supply and receive their bill by e-mail, receiving discounts of 10 to 20 percent depending on the type of contract. On the website, customers will also have access to advice on how much they can save on electricity and gas compared to other tariffs offered on the free market.

Customers who subscribe to ONE will benefit from discounts of up to 50 percent on assistance and maintenance services.