Enel accelerating electric vehicle charging


Fast, two-way charging systems are needed to aid the development of electric transport, and are the key features of the two innovations recently unveiled by Enel Group subsidiary Endesa at the Barcelona EVS27, the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition.

One of the two innovations is the latest version of the two-wayV2G (Vehicle to Grid) electric charging station, which has a charging power of 10 kilowatts, twice the current level, enabling a full charge in only an hour and a half. Such fast charging times will leave users free from worry of their batteries running out, while the new V2G technology also allows users to decide whether to consume the electricity stored in their electric vehicle, power their home or even sell the surplus to the grid.

The new system is also an important step in the development of smart grids, which necessitate the development of tools that help optimise output and distribution and improve the balance between supply and demand for both electricity producers and consumers.

The other innovation presented in Barcelona was Fasto (Fast Together), Endesa's new fast-charge point, which gives electric vehicles an additional 60 kilometres of range after only 10 minutes of charging.

Fasto is an universal charging station that is equipped with the three types of fast-charge connectors currently available: the Combined Charging System which has been adopted by the principle European and American car manufacturers; CHAdeMO, which is being promoted by Japanese firms Nissan and Mitsubishi; and IEC 62196-2, the standard introduced by Renault and Chinese firm BYD.