Focusing on flexibility in electricity


The role of electricity is set to grow considerably in Europe over the next few years. In fact, electricity is the best tool there is for ensuring competition and development while at the same time creating a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. It's for this reason that development of an efficient and integrated electricity sector across the European Union is crucial.

European electricity business association Eurelectric has called for efforts to increase the system's flexibility in both energy offer and demand management. The goal needs to be to offer tangible benefits to consumers, giving them an active role on the market while also offering opportunities and benefits for the most responsible electricity businesses.

In view of the potential offered by the growth of distributed generation, e-mobility and cutting-edge, efficient technologies such as heat pumps, all barriers to energy demand needs be removed, and the development of an integrated and flexible system needs to be facilitated.

With this in mind Eurelectric has asked political decision-makers to speed up the development of a single European electricity market and avoid further delays to the adoption of the new efficiency legislation.

The regulatory framework required for this new market will also have to help increase the stability of the system and support investment on distribution networks and innovations in this field. But most of all, it must raise awareness among consumer and place electricity customers at the centre of the system.