Studying Smart Cities in Spain


Endesa Educa, Play Energy's educational project for Spanish schools, has opened to the public the operations centre for the Enel Group's smart projects in Spain at the Smart Grid Service Center (SGSC) in Seville.

Visitors can get to know better the world of smart grids and smart cities, from high-efficiency lighting projects to electric mobility, through the assistance of explanations and technical panels.

During guided visits to the centre, visitors learn more on daily activities regarding:

  • Electric mobility, with more than 450 charging stations monitored at the centre;
  • Smart buildings and Micro Grids: the centre manages in real time generated capacity and energy consumption, with the aim of achieving the perfect balance between the two across the building and the network;  
  • Efficient street lighting: the centre monitors smart lighting infrastructure installed by the Group in cities like Mérida, Muro de Alcoy and Barcelona, cities where more than 160,000 people currently benefit from these lighting systems;
  • Monitoring sensors: information sent by the sensors are analysed, with the aim of providing services to the public like video surveillance to the measurement of air pollution;
  • Social networks: visitors can see how smart citizens can use social media to report accidents or failures. Discussion of smart cities that are posted on social networks is also anaylsed.

The Enel Group's smart city know-how in Spain includes highly successfulcase histories such as Smartcity Málaga, Smartcity Barcelona and the Gorona del Viento project. Its subsidiary Endesa is also carrying out the ICONO (Intelligent Control Network Operation) project, which is aimed at the development of distributed generation monitoring, and ECCOFLOW, a project aimed at the development of new superconducting fault current limiters.