Encouraging active demand


The world of energy is experiencing profound change which is touching every area of the industry, including the role of customers. They are no longer passive users, but have instead become active, aware and demanding, knowing how to move in an increasingly free market and focused on cost effectiveness and environmental needs.

In such an environment there is also growing competition between energy providers, whose offers have become increasingly diversified, personalised and centred on efficiency and sustainability models as part of a technological and commercial battle. It's also a chance to develop innovative products and services that go beyond the simple sale of energy.

Enel is leading this competition through its role as one of the world's major electricity companies, and is also meeting the new needs of customers by developing renewable sources and introducing energy efficiency innovations. Examples are the Address project, which aims to encourage active demand from customers, and the Energy@home and SmartInfo applications, which were conceived to avoid waste and to rationalise household consumption.

According to European electricity industry association Eurelectric, customers' increasing awareness is to be encouraged and supported with both direct action and legislation. Businesses, politicians, regulators and consumer associations must work together domestically and in Europe to build an electricity market that is fairer and sustainable. Reliability, transparency, cost-effectiveness and the raising of awareness must be the key features of this new market and the guidelines for its development.