Enel putting its energy into Social Media


With 2.5 million visitors, a 112 percent increase over the course of 2013, Endesa's Twenergy portal has become a platform where people meet, exchange views and share content with the aim of promoting and getting acquainted with energy efficiency. This online community has caught the attention of Spanish-speaking web surfers across Europe and Latin America, which is a testament to the Enel Group's focus on online communication and use of digital channels to keep in contact consumers, communities and stakeholders.

With 11,000 Twitter followers and 47,000 fans on Facebook, Twenergy has become a useful tool for the sharing and discussion of the importance of energy efficiency and innovation. After the second edition of the Twenergy Actúa contest it became a promoter of sustainability initiatives across the world. Just over of the Twenergy community lives in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, and this has turned Twenergy into a bridge that joins both sides of the Atlantic in a culture of energy efficiency.

Just as Twenergy has become a tool for Spanish-speaking surfers, Consciência Ampla has become a meeting point for Brazilians. With a widespread presence on the social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, the blog brings together all of the projects that Ampla has carried out, which range from education initiatives to sustainability in consumption. Through news, information on services and reports on Ampla's initiatives in schools and neighbourhoods aimed at raising the awareness on resources and energy, the blog and its social media profiles have become a point of reference for Brazilians.

Enel's online activity keeps on growing, and it's now using digital instruments to both improve the daily life of consumers and to innovate within the Group. An example is Eidos Market, the online crowdsourcing platform through which the more than 71,000 employees in the 40 countries in which Enel operates can contribute to the corporate innovation process by proposing and selecting ideas and proposals. The project enables Enel's employees to submit solutions that help improve and develop the company's operations. The ideas are published online and can be commented on and assessed, while they can also make their own contribution, within a collective and shared process of innovation.