Innovation in lighting and efficiency


London recently hosted the Illuminating Urban Spaces, which was part of the Illuminate project launched by the European Union in 2012 and looked at how to best make use of the latest energy efficiency and quality improvements in street lighting in order to promote their use by individuals, local governments and businesses.

Enel Sole, a global leader in smart lighting that works on cutting edge smart lighting technology that is economically and environmentally sustainable, participated in the event.

As part of the Illuminate project seven pilot projects that test LED lighting innovations are about to be completed. The technical standards used to assess the performance of the solutions involved, the definition of technical requirements and their integration with smart measurement and monitoring systems were all developed by Enel Sole.

'The reason for Enel Sole's predominance in this project is the company's ability to make the best possible decisions regarding investment in the use of LED equipment,' said Carmelo Andrea Marino from Enel Sole. 'We stand out from our competitors precisely for our ability to combine research in efficiency with high-quality products, with a view to energy savings and reliable investments.'

Out of the seven projects developed by Enel Sole, the two that are being carried out in Genoa – in the area around the Old Port and the Aquarium – centre on reducing energy consumption and lighting quality in the tanks and water.

The other projects are being completed at the Experimentarium in Copenhagen, at the Museum of the Sea in Klaipeda in Lithuania, at the Belfast Town Hall, at the Aquarium in Crete and at Rotterdam zoo. In final two last cases, the impact of LED lighting technology on animals is also being studied.